По-русски 'Monogram' of artist Vladimir Zagorov (Tolstoy)

Vladimir Zagorov

Hello, my dear friends, children, and family! ▪ Few years ago I rather abruptly resisted the need to make my own website – probably because of misunderstanding what it is needed for. But today many works have accumulated in the studio, and I have no idea how to display them. No exhibition, even most broad and detailed, would fulfill this task. And besides, it is almost impossible to organize such exhibition, if works, which are now in foreign countries, would be included into it. Their owners’ addresses are not always known to me. ▪ All my works – pictures, sculptures, collages…. – emerged from meeting with reality, experiencing and reading it. Reality – with this word we call life, all of its manifestations…. And that’s why I consider myself a realist. ▪ What you will see here is a journey – a little journey, very little, but even it can weary you; you know how to end it – just press the button, and return home. ▪ Earliest works shown here are dated 1972. Earlier works were consciously not included in the site. Maybe later they will be shown too, if I will feel such necessity. From time to time the site will be updated with new materials, texts, photographs, images of new pictures, objects, drawings…. and works made in the past – if I will find them somewhere. ▪ I’ll try my best to put here information about my latest exhibitions and projects – about everything interesting to me. ▪ I’ll be happy if you find this journey interesting and would like to return to it sometime.
// See you! Vladimir Zagorov. July 2008

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which include works of Vladimir Zagorov:

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1951 year

// Vladimir Zagorov

1966 year

1970 year

1972 year

Still life with a portrait. 1972-73. 70x50 |canvas.oil| // Still life with a portrait Two women on the shore. 1972-73. 50x48 |canvas.oil| // Two women on the shore

1973 year

Red house. 1973 |canvas.oil| // Red house Replica of a painting by Lucas Cranach. Fragment. 1973. 41x31 |canvas.oil| // Replica of a painting by Lucas Cranach

1974 year

Still life with a blue lamp. 1976-79. 63x53,5 |canvas.oil| // Still life with a blue lamp

1975 year

1976 year

Mariana. Twilight. 1976. 50x42 |canvas.oil| // Mariana. Twilight Table. 1976. 18x22 |linocut| // Table

1977 year

Mariana. 1977. 42x29 |paper.pastel| // Mariana Circus rider. 1977. 46x33 |paper.pastel| // Circus rider


Mariana. 1977. 43x35 |canvas.oil|
Mariana. 1985. 43x36 |paper.gouache|
Mariana. 1977. 42x29 |paper.pastel|
Mariana. 1977. 42x29

1978 year

Mariana. 1978. 45x31 // Mariana Mariana. 1978. 64x47 |canvas.oil| // Mariana Mariana. 1979 |artificial stone| // Mariana

1979 year

Two fishes and an onion. Dance. 1979-80. 70x100 |canvas.oil| // Two fishes and an onion. Dance

1980 year

Stroll with a father. 1980. 169x91 |canvas.oil| // Stroll with a father Mariana with girls. 1980-81. 39x45 |paper.charcoal.sanguine.ceruse| // Mariana with girls Mariana with a daughter. 1979-80. 120x80 |canvas.oil| // Mariana with a daughter Mariana. 1980-81 |wood. artificial stone| // Mariana Landscape with a black sun. 1980. 40x50 |canvas.oil| // Landscape with a black sun

1981 year


    Leningrad, Elagin's palace. Group exhibition /paining, graphic/
Still life with a shell. 1981. // Still life with a shell Flowers and shells. 1982. 38x49 |paper.watercolour.wax pencil| // Flowers and shells Mother and daughter. 1983 |shell rock| // Mother and daughter

1982 year

Woman with child. 1982 |shell rock| // Woman with child Woman with child. 1982. |shell rock| // Woman with child

:katia and ania

Katia and Ania. 1983. 48x36
Girl. 1985. 41x33 |paper.charcoal|
Katia and Ania. 1983. 42x29,5 |paper.pencil|
Ania. 1981. 45x31,5 |paper.charcoal.sanguine|

1983 year


    Leningrad, Union of Artists. "Young artists exhibition" /painting/
Meeting. 1984. 50x40 |canvas.oil| // Meeting Oasis. 1984. 35x30 |cardboard.oil| // Oasis Walking in the desert. 1978. 40x30 |cardboard.oil| // Walking in the desert

1984 year

Rope-walker. 1983-84. 153x153 |canvas.oil| // Rope-walker Family. Bukhara. 1984. 39x25 |cardboard.oil| // Family. Bukhara David and Virsavia /by Cranach/. 1983-84. 56,5x40 // David and Virsavia Young man. 1980. 40x28. |cardboard.oil| // Young man Mariana. 1980. 53x44 |paper.pastel| // Mariana Self-portrait. 1984. 65x48 |canvas.oil| // Self-portrait Head of a woman. 1984 |terracotta| // Head of a woman In blockade. 1984 |artificial stone| // In blockade Circus. 1984. 50x35 |cardboard.oil| // Circus

1985 year


    Leningrad, "Manege". "Festival of Art by Young Artists" /painting/
Mariana with girls. 1985. 100x55 |canvas.oil| // Mariana with girls Still life on the sand. 1985 |canvas.oil| // Still life on the sand Circus. 1984. 34x16. |paper.wax pencils| // Circus Still life with a half of guitar. 1984 |canvas.oil| // Still life with a half of guitar Portrait of Slava Polozov. 1985. 49x31 |cardboard.oil| // Portrait of Slava Polozov Bird over the nest. 1985. 73x51 |paper.s| // Bird over the nest Circus I. 1985-87. 130x140 |canvas.oil| // Circus [1] Torso. 1985 |terracotta| // Torso

:various games

Circus II. 1985-88. 145x155 |canvas.oil|
Shooting gallery. 1984 |canvas.oil|
Circus. 1986. 25x12,5 |paper.linocut.watercolor|

1986 year


  • Leningrad, "Ohta" hall. "Young artists of Leningrad" /painting/
  • Moscow, Central House of Artists. "Group exhibition of Leningrad artists" /painting/
Two women in black kerchiefs. 1986. 65x45 |canvas.oil| // Two women in black kerchiefs Blind on the road. 1986-1987. 185x70 |canvas.oil| // Blind on the road Meeting. 1987 |canvas.oil| // Meeting  The flight into Egypt. 1987. 80x60 |canvas.oil| // The flight into Egypt Family. 1986. 155x130 |canvas.oil| // Family

:people in
the city

The blessed in the town. 1989-1990. 185x75 |canvas.oil|
Long game. 1986 |canvas.oil|
Waiting. 1986. 42,5x29,5

1987 year


  • Leningrad, "Gavan". "Exhibition of Works by Leningrad and Moscow Artists" /painting, graphic, tapestry/
  • Leningrad, Palace of Youth. "Graphic Art by Artists from Leningrad and Georgia"
Plovdiv. 1986. 64.5x45 |canvas.oil| // Plovdiv On the way. Family. 1986. 100x70 |canvas.oil| // On the way. Family


Poplars. 1987. 53x42,5 |canvas.oil|
House under a tree. 1988.

1988 year


  • Germany. Henry Nannen Kunsthalle, Emden. "Glasnost" /painting, sculpture/
  • Leningrad, "Gavan". "From Unofficial Art to Perestroika" /painting/

:unknown landscape

Entrance. 1989-90. 60x70. |canvas.oil|
Unknown landscape I. 1988. 160x210 |canvas.oil|
Transformation. 1988. 195x150. |canvas.oil|

by the sea

Games by the sea. 1984-1990, 200x150 |canvas.oil|
Games by the sea. 1984-1990. 200x150

1989 year


  • Leningrad, "Manege". "Art of Leningrad" /painting/
  • Leningrad, Palace of Youth. Exhibition "Wall", painters of Leningrad and Moscow /painting, sculpture/
  • Leningrad, City Museum. Exhibition "Two Generations" /painting/
In December. 1989. 165x180 |canvas.oil| // In December Light everywhere. 1989. 60x50 |canvas.oil| // Light everywhere Life under the sun. 1989 |canvas.oil| // Life under the sun Red composition. 1989. 180x150 |canvas.oil| // Red composition Landscape girl. 1989. 33x20 |canvas.oil| // Landscape girl Blue, black, pink /diptych/. 1989. 200x100 |canvas.oil| // Blue, black, pink Little theft. 1989 |canvas.oil| // Little theft Luminous forms. 1989. 59x30 |canvas.oil| // Luminous forms Life under the sun. 1989. 150x110 |canvas.oil| // Life under the sun Grain. Bird over the sea. 1989. 50x40 |canvas.oil| // Grain. Bird over the sea Fragment of a journey. 1989-92. 210x150 |canvas.oil| // Fragment of a journey White oval. 1988. 100x75 |canvas.oil| // White oval Small lake. 1990. 55x45 |canvas.oil| // Small lake Landscape. 1984-89. 34x26 |cardboard.oil| // Landscape

:exhibition "garden"

Exhibition /Garden/. Display. 1989.
Exhibition /Garden/. Child. 1989.
Exhibition /Garden/. Personage. 1989.
Exhibition /Garden/. Family. 1989.
Exhibition /Garden/. Floating in a boat and a star above him. 1989.

1990 year


  • Leningrad. Exhibition "First Leningrad Arts Biennial" /painting/
    Germany, Kassel, "Kunstetage", "Artists of Leningrad" /painting/
    Leningrad. "Manege" "Festival of Galleries" /painting/
    Leningrad, Elagin's palace. Group exhibition "Garden" /painting, sculpture, collage/
Big green stream. 1990. 240x150 |canvas.oil| // Big green stream Fabric. 1991. // Fabric Red oval. 1990-91. 100x70 |canvas.oil| // Red oval Melancholy. 1990. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // Melancholy Shore. 1990. 87x71 |tapestry| // Shore

1991 year


    Leningrad. "Manege". Exhibition "City" /painting, sculpture/
    Moscow, Tretiakov Gallery. Exhibition "Contemporary Artists - to Malevich" /painting/
  • Germany, Hamburg. Exhibition "Art-Hamburg" /painting/
  • USA, Bucknell Center. "Petersburg Realism"
Field /diptych/. 1991. 145x228 |canvas.oil| // Field One more time about the same... 1991. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // One more time about the same Red line. 1991. 70x75 |canvas.oil| // Red line Touch which you don't expect. 1989-91. 100x100 |canvas.oil| // Touch which you don't expect Figures on the sand. 1991-92. 73x91 |canvas.oil| // Figures on the sand Mirage. 1991. 75x56 |canvas.oil| // Mirage Narcissus. 1991-1992. 98x35 |wood.glass.petals| // Narcissus Balance mistress in love and night rope-walker. 1991. 165x120 |canvas.oil| // Balance mistress in love and night rope-walker Three figures. Shore. 1991. 46,5x37 |metal.wood| // Three figures. Shore Relief. 1991. 28x34 |metal.wood| // Relief Little message 2. 1991-1992. 26,5x24  |metal.glass.petals| // Little message[2] Snippets of a dream. 1991-92. 53x31x6 |wood.fabric.photograph| // Snippets of a dream Yellow movement /diptych/. 1991 |canvas.oil| // Yellow movement Little bird over a field. 1991. 65x53 |tapestry| // Little bird over a field Blue grain. 1990-91. 100x75 |canvas.oil| // Blue grain


Men and women in front of a mirror. 1990. 106x44 |wood.metal.glass|
Big question. 1990. 64x51 |metal.glass|
Floating clouds. 1990-91. 39x43 |wood.metal.fabric|
Formula of a journey. 1991. 17x13 |wood.metal|
Bird. Oar. 1991. 72x23 |wood.metal|
Fragment of the sea. 1991. 39x31 |metal.wood|

1992 year


    Saint-Petersburg, Union of Artists. Exhibition "Art-Wall II"
    Saint-Petersburg, Union of Artists. Exhibition "Spectrum" /painting/
    Saint-Petersburg, "Manege". Exhibition "Art-Contact" /painting/
    Germany, Sigmaringen-Stuttgart. "Contact", collective exhibition of artists from Leningrad and Germany /painting/
    Germany, Bonn. "New Saint-Petersburg" /painting/
Vertical line. Yellow movement. 1992. 210x80 |canvas.oil| // Vertical line Life under the sun. 1992-93 |canvas.oil| // Life under the sun Yellow shape. 1992-93. 195x150 |canvas.oil| // Yellow shape Blue oval. 1992. 100x70 |canvas.oil| // Blue oval Green grain. 1992. 100x70 |canvas.oil| // Green grain Shore. 1992. 43x61 |paper.watercolor.black pencil| // Shore Night life. 1993. 160x120 |canvas.oil| // Night life Striped object. Sea. 1991-92. 24x15. // Striped object. Sea Striped object. Drop. 1991-92. 30x16 |glass.metal.colour polyethylene| // Striped object. Drop

:pink field

Pink field. 1992-93. 195x150 |canvas.oil|
Pink field. 1994-95. 195x150 |canvas.oil|
Journey. 1993. 195x130 |canvas.oil|

1993 year


  • Moscow, Central House of Artists
Music for all. 1991-93. 220x235 |canvas.oil| // Music for all At a table. 1993-95. 195x130 |canvas.oil| // At a table Three. Series /Music for all/. 1993-1994. 210x150. // Three Trio. Series /Music for all/. 1992-1993. 220x250 |canvas.oil| // Trio. Series Music for all April, May. 1993. 195x130 |canvas.oil| // April, May Fragment of a journey. 1993. 195x130 |canvas.oil| // Fragment of a journey Gradual convergence. 1993. 60x75 |canvas.oil| // Gradual convergence Tender form. 1993-95. 16x47 |glass.metal.colour polyethylene| // Tender form


Series /Findings/. Flying object. Traveller. 1995. 43x34 |metal.glass.polyethylene|
Striped object. Pink. 1995. 51x26 |metal.glass.colour polyethylene|
Pink triangle. 1995. 32x55 |glass.metal.colour polyethylene|
Series /Findings/. Poppy petals. 1993. 44x64  |glass.metal.petals|

1994 year

Little musicians. 1994. 146x97 |canvas.oil| // Little musicians Window. 1994-95. 210x150 |canvas.oil| // Window Vertical lines. 1994. 80x60 |canvas.oil| // Vertical lines Light luminescence. 1994. 74x70 |canvas.oil| // Light luminescence Field. 1994. 60x85 |canvas.oil| // Field Infinite motion. 1994. // Infinite motion Fragment. 1994-2000. 100x75 |canvas.oil| // Fragment Woman with a bird. 1994. 100x80 |canvas.oil| // Woman with a bird


Skagen. 1994. 41x58 |paper.watercolor.pastel|
Skagen. 1994. 41x58 |paper.watercolor.pastel|

from skagen

Girl with a tambourine. 1994. 51x35 |paper.watercolor.wax pencil|
Little musicians. 1994. 26,5x18 |linocut|
Boys with a bird. 1994. 58x29,5 |paper.linocut.watercolor|
Woman with birds. 1994. 28x40 |paper.linocut.watercolor|
Boy with a bird. 1994. 15x15 |linocut|

1995 year

Quiet life. 1995. 195x130 |canvas.oil| // Quiet life Garden. 1995. 195x130 |canvas.oil| // Garden Music lesson. 1995-1997. 210x150 |canvas.oil| // Music lesson White grain. 1995-96. 100x75 |canvas.oil| // White grain Pumpkins. 1995. 65x49 |canvas.oil| // Pumpkins Garden. 1995. 230x170 |canvas.oil| // Garden Vassilievsky island. 1996. 50x60 |canvas.oil| // Vassilievsky island Two with a badger-dog in their hands. 1995. 42x30 |paper.watercolor| // Two with a badger-dog in their hands

1996 year

In the room. 1996. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // In the room Fragment of transformation. 1996. 28x34 |paper.ink.white primer| // Fragment of transformation Flowers on a table. 1996. 41,5x59 |paper.watercolor.charcoal| // Flowers on a table Portrait of Ivery. 1996. 48,5x36 |paper.watercolor.charcoal| // Portrait of Ivery


Interior. 1998. 62x35,5 |paper.pastel|
Natasha Vorobyova. 1998. 42x32 |paper.charcoal|

1997 year


  • Saint-Petersburg, State Russian Museum, "Yellow Movement"
  • Saint-Petersburg, "Palitra" gallery, "Drawings from Different Years"
Traveller at home. 1997-2003. 63x26,5 |engraving.petals.glass| // Traveller at home Unknown dance. 1997-2003. 63x36 |engraving.petals.glass.polyethylene| // Unknown dance Journey fragment. Big circle. 1997-2003. 63x36 |engraving.petals.glass.polyethylene| // Journey fragment. Big circle Two guitars. 1997. 116x89 |canvas.oil| // Two guitars Girl with a flower. 1997. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // Girl with a flower Flowers and lemons on a table. 1997-98. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // Flowers and lemons on a table Flowers and lemons. 1997. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // Flowers and lemons


Ira with Frosya. 1997. 41x29 |paper.watercolor|
Ivery. 1997. 42x30 |paper.watercolor.sauce|
Ivery and Olga. 1997. 42x30 |pencil.watercolor|

1998 year


  • Germany, Frankfurt-Main, Brumme gallery.
Street by the station. 1998. 50x60 |canvas.oil| // Street by the station Under the trees. 1998-1999. 75x56 |canvas.oil| // Under the trees Lemons on the table. 1998. 116x89 |canvas.oil| // Lemons on the table Still life on a pink table. 1998. 100x80 |canvas.oil| // Still life on a pink table Still life with a lamp. 1998. 100x80 |canvas.oil| // Still life with a lamp Interior with Venus and a fresco. 1998. 145x97 |canvas.oil| // Interior with Venus and a fresco Table. 1998. 100x150 |canvas.oil| // Table Flow of waters. 1998. 80x60 |canvas.oil| // Flow of waters Ira. 1998. 78x60 |canvas.oil| // Ira

1999 year


  • Saint-Petersburg, "Delta" gallery, "Table"
  • Germany, Frankfurt-Main, Brumme gallery.
Grain 0-10. 1999-2000. 81x65 |canvas.oil| // Grain 0-10 In the house. 1999-2000. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // In the house Fragment. Vertical slice. 1994-2000. 200x95 |canvas.oil| // Fragment. Vertical slice Gradual convergence /diptych/. 1999-2000. 200x100 |canvas.oil| // Gradual convergence Natasha. 1998. 49x27 |paper.pastel| // Natasha Brumme family: Edmund, Nataly and Rebecca. 1998. 62x485 |paper.charcoal.watercolor| // Brumme family: Edmund, Nataly and Rebecca Fragment /diptych/. 2000. 200x100 |canvas.oil| // Fragment

2000 year

Flowers and lemons. 2000. 60x80 |canvas.oil| // Flowers and lemons Morning. 2000. 150x100 |canvas.oil| // Morning At different height. 2000. 100x285 |canvas.oil| // At different height


Girl with a flower. 2000. 65x54 |canvas.oil|
Fragment. 2000. 25,5x26 |paper.watercolor|
Young woman and a flower. 2002. 66,5x42,5 |paper.watercolor|
Metamorphoses. 2000. 50x31 |paper.watercolor.mixed media|
Woman in a robe. 2001. 62x40 |paper.ink.watercolor|
Natasha. 2000. 48,5x35,5 |paper.charcoal.pastel|

2001 year


  • Saint-Petersburg, "Delta" gallery, "Blue, black, pink"
Fragment. Sky. Night. 2001. 30x24 |metal.glass.polyethylene| // Fragment. Sky. Night Flow of waters. 2001. 100x285 |canvas.oil| // Flow of waters Little yellow in the beginning of the way. 2001. 40x30 |canvas.oil| // Little yellow in the beginning of the way Journey along the coast /series of 4 canvas/. 2001. 190x25 // Journey along the coast Journey along the coast I /diptych/. 2001-03. 200x100 |canvas.oil| // Journey along the coast [1] Journey along the coast II /diptych/. 2001-03. 200x100 |canvas.oil| // Journey along the coast [2] Shore. Bird over the sea. 2001. 94x83 |canvas.oil| // Shore. Bird over the sea Window. 2000. 100x65 |canvas.oil| // Window


Skagens haven. 2001. 82x65 |canvas.oil|
Skagens bay. 2001. 21x27 |paper.watercolor|
Skagen. Quay. 2001. 82x65 |canvas.oil|
Haven. 2002. 140x120 |canvas.oil|

2002 year

 Fragment of a journey. 2002-2003. 195x130 |canvas.oil| // Fragment of a journey Drummer. 2002-2003. 195x80 |canvas.oil| // Drummer Boy with a guitar. 2002-2003. 195x80 |canvas.oil| // Boy with a guitar Trumpeter. 2002-2003. 195x80 |canvas.oil| // Trumpeter Girl with a violin. 2002-2003. 195x85 |canvas.oil| // Girl with a violin Table. Red interior with a guitar and Venus /diptych/. 2002. 140x120 |canvas.oil| // Table. Red interior with a guitar and Venus Crimea. 2002. 40x30 |canvas.oil| // Crimea

2003 year


  • Saint-Petersburg, Marina Gisich gallery, "Happy Garden"
Venus torso. 2001 |shell rock| // Venus torso Black sea spit. 2003. 44,5x48 // Black sea spit Shore. 2003. 80x60 |canvas.oil| // Shore Black sea spit. 2003. 48,5x61 // Black sea spit

2004 year

Trio. 2004-2005. 150x130 |canvas.oil| // Trio Fragment of a journey. Shore II. 2004. 45x55 |canvas.oil| // Fragment of a journey. Shore [2] Fragment of a journey. Shore I. 2004. 45x55 |canvas.oil| // Fragment of a journey. Shore [1]

2005 year

Small fragment. Sea. 2005. 15x20 |metal.glass.colour polyethylene| // Small fragment. Sea Shore. Unknown subject. 2005. 51x69 |paper.ink| // Shore. Unknown subject. Shore. 2005. 57x68 |paper.watercolor.ink| // Shore Dove and little musician. 2005. 130x60 |canvas.oil| // Dove and little musician Girl with a violin. 2005. 130x60 |canvas.oil| // Girl with a violin Drummer. 2005. 130x60 |canvas.oil| // Drummer Accordion player. 2005. 130x60 |canvas.oil| // Accordion player Young woman with a violin. 2004-2005. 130x60 |canvas.oil| // Yound woman with a violin Little musician. 2005. 115x85 |canvas.oil| // Little musician Shore. Space. 2005. 56x70 |paper.ink| // Shore. Space Seashore. 2005. 30x40 |canvas.oil| // Seashore

along the coast

Lisa and a bird. 2001-2005. 26x26 |glass.metal.colour polyethylene.paper|
Lullaby – Mona Lola /on the left/. Young hunter /on the right/. 2001.  30x18 |glass.metal.colour polyethylene.paper|
Shore. 2005 |metal.colour polyethylene.paper|

2006 year